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Sanitation Solutions for Any Application

ENVIROLET  is the premium environment-friendly composting toilet system made in North America by Sancor Industries Ltd. Sancor has over 30 years experiences in the composting toilet industry.

ENVIROLET provides a sanitation solution for any application that is:

• Eco-friendly
• Economical
• Easy-to-install




ENVIROLET Systems Offer a Sanitation Solution

There are four types of ENVIROLET Systems organized as the X, Y, Z and V SERIES. Each have advantages for specific applications. Learn more about each type below:

  1. X SERIES – Waterless Self-Contained Systems
    • Waterless all-in-one
    • Ideal for slab level installations
  2. Y SERIES – Waterless Remote Systems
    • Waterless toilet with remote composting tank below
  3. Z SERIES – Low Water Remote Systems (0.5L Flush)
    • Low water toilet with remote composting tank below
    • Uses 0.5L per flush
  4. V SERIES – FlushSmart VF Systems (0.2L Flush)
    • Vacuum flush low water toilet with remote composting tank below
    • Uses only 0.2L per flush
    • Can flush up, down or sideways up to 70ft away and 12ft up



Goes Anywhere

ENVIROLET can provide an economical and environment-friendly sanitation solution to countless applications. Popular application examples include cottages, cabins & chalets, homes, farms & barns, pool cabanas (change-rooms), modern homes (or pre-fabricated structures), golf courses (public facilities) and yurts.

We have included a great selection of installation examples to show you how a typical installation looks and to give you ideas for your own installation.

Click on image to start the slide show:




Why ENVIROLET is Better

ENVIROLET has more features and advantages than others. Compare for yourself using this chart taken from our Catalog.




Features of Santerra Green


Automatic Aeration™

ENVIROLET Systems are the most advanced composting toilet systems available today. A patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration™ process is what differentiates ENVIROLET from others.

In short, this process speeds up the composting and evaporation process significantly through forced-air, heat and natural microbe-action. And, unlike others, there is no drum to manually turn.



Slab-Level Installation

ENVIROLET offers two slab-level installation options.

X SERIES models are waterless and all-in-one. They install right on the bathroom floor.

V SERIES models can flush up, down or sideways avoiding any issues with at or below grade installations.


Plug & Play

ENVIROLET Systems come Plug & Play ready-to-install out of the box.

And, to make it easier the toilet (waterless, low water or vacuum flush) is included in the system price.

Installation is easy and is usually completed in a few hours.

Push-Button Flush

Want a luxurious and modern feature in your bathroom?   ENVIROLET offers a push-button flushing option with some models.

ENVIROLET V SERIES 700 models feature an electronic push-button flush.

Compare this to others that only offer a foot-pedal flushing option.


Longest Warranty in the Industry

ENVIROLET systems feature the longest warranty in the industry. When you buy a Sancor-made composting toilet system you are not buying it for a couple seasons. It is a 15-20 year commitment.


System Body – Lifetime Warranty

The system body (or outer shell) features a full Lifetime Warranty. So, there is no conern about freezing conditions causing damage to the body.

It is built to last. If anything does happen, it is replaced.

Compare this to other with a 5-year warranty on the outer shell.


Internal Components – 5-Year Warranty

All internal components, including electrical, feature a comprehensive 5-Year Warranty.

Compare this to others that offer a 3-year warranty on internal components.


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